About Us

“Since 2004, the Red Sea Cafe has served up some of the best ethnic food you’ll find. The cuisine is from the horn of Africa, a melding of Eritrean and Ethiopian dishes. The resulting cuisine has garnered widespread enthusiasm in the Vancouver press. As soon as you enter, it’s apparent this restaurant is special. The lemon-gold painted walls are hung with traditional art, painted on goatskins and artfully framed. Glass-topped tables protect hand embroidered tablecloths and posters of Eritrea.
The food is sublime. One dish you’ll want to try is the kilwa dorho, a spicy curry dish of chicken marinated in spices and simmered in velvety sauce. For those who favour hot and spicy dishes, kilwa awaze is a favourite – tender lamb chunks cooked to perfection with a rich seasoned chilli paste. The Red Sea Cafe serves a number of exotic vegetarian (and vegan) entrees.
The restaurant offers combination plates that allow you to taste of four or five items. In the Eritrean/Ethiopian style, food is served on a spongey bread called injera,  which you use to wrap around morsels of food. Owners Aynalem Abraha and his wife, Senayt Tsegaye are known as gracious and charming hosts who provide excellent service, generous portions and reasonable prices. Food at the Red Sea Cafe is so delicious, you will indeed eat your plate.”


(Excerpt from “British Columbia Community Treasures” by William Faubion and Mark Allen Deruiter)